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Monster Cyborg

    • very good very cybernetic nicely melodic and powerfull my favourit track must by track 1

    • Hey! Really good one, I don't know if I can make contact with you guys, because I'm interested in do something with this album, maybe you can send me an e-mail or something to contact you? Thank you

    • First I wanna say PERTAMAX!!!! Its seems like a MC back to more electric when listen to first song assault girl. Drum beat is very electric or feels like a house. But its changed on second song cybernetic magician. Like drum beat with cool reverb effect! Trance Synth mixed with distorted guitar like synth is very powerful! I think you should put this song at first dude! My other fav is deathzone nice distorted bass and synth combination. & Snare drum rapidly sound so crispy! cool! Other song is also cool dude! Bantu Up gan :sup2 :sup2 :sup2 :sup2

    • cool beat!! make me want to move!!

    • My most fav is f*** the system & kill the queen. Like the powerful drum beat and guitar like synth rhythm. Its not a rock/metal music but feel something like so emotional more than mostly rock/metal music. Totally all song had great & complicated synth melody that mixed very well with guitar like distorted synth. Mantab gan!