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    Danish Daycare is the solo project by Daniel Jonsson from Malmo, who has achieved quite a lot during his musical career besides beeing a solo performer. Between 2001-2005 Daniel was the keyboardplayer in Eyedrop, a group originating from Malmo. In 2002 the first album "You And Me Vs The Machine" was released and Eyedrop made themselves quite wellknown in southern Sweden.
    Unfortunately the band split up in 2005 and the members drifted apart. At that time Daniel had already started thinking about some new ideas, taking place in a small recording studio in his Malmo apartment. The solo project Danish Daycare was a fact! Some 3-4 songs were recorded before Daniel joined yet another band from Malmo, Emerald Park, now as a guitar/keyboardplayer.
    Parallel to working with Emerald Park Daniel continued to record his songs in all simplicity and by small means in his apartment studio, now named Danish Daycare Studio. Danish Daycare produced more and more songs, eventually 10 tracks on the debut album were recorded and contracted to Smaragd Records. Af-music already working with Emerald Park started cooperating with Danish Daycare and on September 9, 2009, the first single "A Purpose To My Sins" will be released on this german production company.
    The ten different songs on Danish Daycare's "A Story Of Hurt" describe the inner feelings of a 34 year old Malmo citizen; love and betrayal, tenderness and pain, friendship and reflections upon life in general. Influences can clearly be heard from among others The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode and Doves, having played an important role in Daniels musical life time.
    In 2008 Emerald Park's album "For Tomorrow" was released, but in 2009 Daniel put all his energy and soul to complete the Danish Daycare debut album. Release date for Danish Daycare "A Story Of Hurt" is October 23, the release of the digital version ready on October 9.

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