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    Equalypse born in 1973. From an early age he was fascinated by computers, so the music adventure began because of that. He created first tune in Basic on Timex 2048 computer. Computer music accompanied him all his life. Especially a passion for tunes from C64 and Amiga. The first commercial electronic music he heard was "Stratosfear" by Tangerine Dream. This recording came from the collection of his father, it was played from an old tape recorder. First known composer was Jean Michel Jarre when Equalypse was in middle school He loved JMJ's compositions. More serious songs created on the Amiga and programs; Noisetracker and Star Trekker. Later he tried Fast Tracker on a PC. Next switched to the typical midi editors and uses them to this day. He graduated from the economic faculty. Passionate about computer technology and informatics. He has worked in various economic sectors - all companies he worked at were his own or family business. The biggest impact on his music was C64, Amiga and PC scene tunes. Equalypse appreciates Tangerine Dream, the highest authority for him is Jean Michel Jarre.

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