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    Mate (Matthias Lechner) is a singer/songwriter from Trier, Germany. He wrote & released his first EP “Chasing Memories” in early 2006 with the help of producer Rafael Haymann. In the following years, he mainly played acoustic sessions with guitarist Christoph Ball & collaborated with various other musicians. In 2009, he teamed up with songwriter & producer Johannes Bühler. With the support of his new writing partner, he created the songs for his second EP “Every Now and Again” which they released in early 2012. “Morning Light” and “Aimless Journeys” were both featured on two German radio – stations (SWR DASDING/bigFM). "Morning Light" hit the pole position in the SWR DASDING Charts and was therefore played in the regular program right next to, or after e.g. Coldplay, Robbie Williams and Jason Mraz. Furthermore it won the Streetlight - Media/Berlin. The song "Ellen" was remixed worldwide. Leitbur from Los Angeles, California contributed the best mix (voted via facebook).

    In 2011, Mate founded the band “Civilianz”, an alternative project based in Trier, Germany & toured parts of Germany until 2013. 

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