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    Biography The producer and composer Markus Albrecht was born on October 21, 1976 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Later he moved to the Schleswig-Holstein Hobstin. He grew up there with the younger half-siblings Jonas, Maximilian and Anna, who died after a brief illness in East Holstein Eutin later. About his stepbrother Stefan Kroschewski he discovered his love for music. Then he went to the city of Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein), where he still lives and works. On 30 September 2001, the instrumental musician Anna Kroschewski died (* July 23, 1986) under tragic circumstances. In memory of her BREEZELESS was established as a memorial project. With the help of the software manufacturer MAGIX Markus Albrecht could create first productions, bringing his career officially began. In the same year, the first track but not yet published, then under the present name. The first album was released only to the 10 th anniversary of the death of the artist Anna Kroschewski, as a best-of album "Best of 10 Years- The Ultimate Collection". This compilation was released in 2 versions, on the Gold Edition additional tracks are included, which is missing on the Silver Edition. In addition, a vocal album was released, on which only the vocal tracks are included. In the same year the singles "Back again" and "Have you ever" were released from the best-of album. In addition, the plates were hosted on multiple online platforms, including at Track4, MySpace and Jamendo, where all CD's are hosted today. All titles managed immediately made it into the top ten of the download charts of different platforms, the title "Nothings gonna stop me now!" rose at a Track4 at # 2 on the pop charts reaching number 1 within 24 hours. This was followed by hard times, as envious critics and non-specialist producer sorely afflict by false accusations and slander. For a time, the entire project was in danger and was on the verge of dissolution. At the same time, the producer tried as a presenter and DJ at a radio where he presented his CD's in a special program. Regular broadcasts followed by the year 2012. Markus Albrecht received an offer from his former employer and went back to a main employment. As before, however, the music production is maintained and intensively cultivated. To this day, the producer is working with the company MAGIX. At present, new tracks written and produced.

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