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    They met in the autumn 2009 to play alternative, grunge, or so. Phlegmatic one playing bass, one loving primitive american punk, one in red slim trousers and a drummer, so charismatic that no drum-machine ever could replace him. Their plans were interrupted by a lead singer, appeared with his sugary voice, mild voice parts and lyrics claiming to be at least smart. Later he started to scare the public with deviant behaviour, we mean, uncontrollable shaking and jumping at the stage, imitating drunk swearing Morrison or androgenous flirting Mercury, however, having undressed as they both did.

    Now guys play some mixture of pop-oriented funk and rough garage rock. A lot of throbbing bass, stunning drum parties and the singer’s voice reminding Jazz Age or so. Guys don’t forget to pay a tribute to Led Zeppelin, which don’t prevent them from covering The White Stripes.

    The band’s name stems from series of long tiresome rehearsals for which everyone of the band was at least half an hour late. Of course, because he’s completely snowed under. Yes, we in Russia know phrasal verbs.

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