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Renzo Sinisi

    • Beautifully executed album of good quality lyrical songs.The vocals may not bare the scrutiny of a singing coach but for emotive originality Sinisi cannot be faulted. Recommended!

    • Fabulous song writing skills and Sinisi's ubiquitous frailness of voice make this an exceptional work.A minor masterpiece that showcases the simplistic guitar style that is so captivating.Sinisi may be an acquired listen but he is a talented artist whose fantastic brittle voice crackles with emotion.

    • Passion-infused and genuinely talented Renzo Sinsi has a subtle frail voice of great expression.Best of this glorious bunch of songs was,for me, "CORAZONES ROTOS" that had my heard bleeding listening to his sorrow.The album's lyrics are beautifully coloured and descriptive. This is an entrancing mixture of emotions......Gorgeous vocal songs abound !!!