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    Asaf Fulks is professional sound engineer, music producer, songwriter, performer and graphic designer in Orange County, California. Originally from Chicago, IL, Asaf earned a BA in Computer Science, Minor Economics from Denison University (2004) in Granville, OH.
    Asaf founded The OC Recording Company, Asaf Productions & in 2005 and has worked in the music industry for over 11 years. Asaf's work has been heard throughout the world on feature films, many albums & television / radio shows. His credit list includes grammy / platinum artists, major motion pictures, famous personalities and major corporations.
    In addition to currently engineering and producing many projects, he also teaches sound theory, recording, mixing, mastering, production and engineering through The Recording Connection. After being accepted to law school in 2009, Asaf declined in order to continue working with his passion. Asaf has been instrumental in all major OC Recording Company credits.
    Asaf has released 3 production compilation albums including his most recent entitled Asaf Productions Vol 3. Asaf is also working on a sound engineering and music production book that is due to be completed by the end of the year.

    Asaf Productions Vol 3 is the third release in a series of production compilations by Producer / Engineer Asaf Fulks of The OC Recording Company.   It is a demonstration of Asaf's innovative ability to record, mix, master, write, compose, perform and arrange modern music with an artistic touch.  
    Vol 3 features a rich mix of live instruments, edgy effects,  engaging melodies, heartfelt lyrics and hard hitting beats.  In addition to his solo material on this album, are several songs that Asaf produced for artists like My Hero, Ray Jordan, The Natural, Lissa Lauria, Raelle and Natalie Womack over the past two years.  My Hero's performance of "Breakout" was nationally televised live on ESPN Jan 1st, 2011 at The Capital One Bowl.  Vol 3 has a unique feel and covers a wide range of genres, instrumentation, tempos and song ideas. 
    Asaf Productions Vol 3 is guaranteed to have something for everyone and is recommended for all age ranges.

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