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    • Great...Robyn Hitchcookish or maybe The Only Ones sounding vocals meeting nice tracks. Love it.

    • Simplement très bon, magnifique !!! Que des tubes !!!

    • Very beautifull disc, fantastic sound and voices

    • I think my title of this review pretty much describes this entire album. It's electropop that is CRAZY. The creativeness really comes through as a passion. It is slightly cheesy though, to be fair :P, but I think that is pretty inherent in this style of music, and this is a very good rendition. The only thing I really don't like is that your vocals get sort of stale after the initial few tracks, mostly because you have this crazy instrumental backdrop with all of these modulators and FX, and your vocals are almost completely stagnant in dynamics and in presentation. That is not to say that the vocals are bad! I just wish that since they are so dominant to the album that they varied as much as the songs do. Thanks for your attribution, I hope to hear a lot more from you! Also, make sure that you put tags on your album so more people can hear this!