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    • on the album Complete - Teresa :

      muy linda balada good ballad!!!

    • Good song~~!!

    • Ich habe diesen Song runtergeladen. Er ist einmalig schön. Teresa hat eine wunderschöne kraftvolle Stimme. Endlich mal ein Weihnachtssong der nicht alltäglich ist. Glückwunsch...weiter so !!!!

    • on the track Stay - Teresa :

      We did a check on your growth, even at youtube since 2011. Our team would love to help you be seen in areas not known by many. Our work is for free, we do it because it also helps us to grow. To many people just do not know where to place Inspiring Christian Music, and a talented Music artist, as I see it. We are not offering you the world, but you will be seen by people who care. We share, rock,hip hop,pop,country, its the sound of music that makes it happen for people. You can find us at- "TTTG Networking- C.C. 2.0 Cinema", on youtube. or email us at toptentogo at hotmail com to allow us to format and re-share your video. Henry

    • Wieder mal eine tolle Produktion "made in Bayern by an nordish guy" ! =) Übertrifft meiner Meinung nach sogar die etwas tanzbare Original-Version. Weiter so ! (Tell me acoustic mit Kontrabass ??)