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    Music.. yes music.. i like listen to it... but i love to compose and play music on my own, because then i hear exactly that what i personally like most.
    Started with some few piano lessons as a child and a seven year enduring hate-love to my clarinet i started to use a computer to generate tones and sound. My first computer wich was able to play sound was an Schneider (Amstrad) CPC where SOUND-commands in BASIC could be used to obtain a few tones. The next step to the synthesizers was only a small one. 
    As i have used hardware-synths before i now mostly use virtual synths (SoftSynths) on my computer. Saves spaces and nerves :-) With my move from Stuttgart to Dettingen an der Erms i stopped to make music with real synthesizers, cause there was no space for the hardware anymore. Now i think about to rebuild a small room in the celler to a "music-room" where i can run riot at ease.
    Over the years a lot of things originated wich are very nice, not really nice but although are enjoyable in some kind. I personally love all my pieces of music very much - otherwise i wouldn't have done them :-) Retrospective on my old tunes i see some enchancements - no matter in i wich direction.
    I always have composed music for myself - for relaxing and also for anger management :-) Sometimes with others, but mostly alone. There are several categories of my music and those you'll find here.

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