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    • No sé qué mierda dice. Pero son geniales!!! ????????????

    • I can almost here the water of the melting ice dripping. Although I personally enjoy music with lyrics, this instrumental piece seems like a fit ending for the circle of these winter ballads.

    • on the track Frost - REH-TORTE :

      Probably my favorite track on this album. What a funny character the frost is – off to freeze over the world as the threat he is, he does not come across as a „bad guy.“ More like a mischievous spirit.

    • With the weather getting colder and winter approaching, I decided to give this album a go. The artist describes his work spot on and leaves room for imagination and further pictures that appear, disappear and reappear while listening to the songs.

    • Escuché el álbum y me alegro el dia.Hermosas melodías para tener de banda sonora todos los días