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      Hey Matti, its a very nice song! I like to use it in a radioplay for univerity. Its just a very small project. I will not modify it but I like to cut it. You would really help me, if you allow. Best wishes Sarah

    • Michikawa avatar

      Contact me via my mail - it's better to have these conversations more officially than on a comment wall, cheers!

    • sarah avatar

      Oh great thank you very much! So, just to be sure, you cancel the cc-nd for me for this project? And sure I will mention you!

  • Paulina Cedillo avatar

    Está lindísima la canción. It's amazing!

  • Peter Petelski avatar

    Thank you Matti ♥???? Have been listening to it 3 times at YT :) now is the right time to have it personal, wherever I go :)) what a pleasant Christmas time! (Hugs ♥) ~Peter

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    Remember to subscribe to my official youtube channel as well! Matti's Youtube:

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