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Anny Sky

    • oui

    • on the album New Trend - Anny Sky :


    • I like the beat and vocals arranged very well. The breaks were on point and has a catchy melody.

    • sa va ce n'est pas mal

    • on the album New Trend - Anny Sky :

      Anny Sky is indeed the "Brand New Trend"! This Singer with Adorably Russian Accented English gives a Stellar Performance. A Number of the songs are a remix of previously released songs such as Track #2. 'Max'. This version is just as exhilarating as the Original but has distinct Style differences. Equally Track #7. 'All Rights Reserved for Me' can be heard in other Iterations. Still, other Songs such as Tracks #1.'New Trend' and #8. 'Новый Трэнд' are English(#1) and Russian( #8) versions of the same song. The same is true of Track #6, 'No Love' and #9. 'любви нет'. Among the new Songs is Track #5. 'Chikka Boom' and Track #12. '(Pasha Light Prod.)'. Ultimately, Anny Sky is Entertaining and Pleasing to the Eye and Ear.