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    The group was founded in 2000. In the beginning it was purely english -language pop-rock project. In 2000-2002 they recorded and released “Overdose” which was on sale in music stores in Norway. Throughout this period the bend had many concerts in Norway and Finland. In 2001 they participated in “Molotov Cocktail”, rock-festival in Norway. April 2002 became a turning-point for them after they had taken part in the concert with international reggae-project “Reggae Mambos”. They were so much impressed with the reggae and funk monsters music that soon ska and funky songs appeared in their repertoire. The end of 2002 brought new changes: new guitarist, new keyboard-player and female singer joint the group. Now the whole band consists of professional musicians, graduators from Murmansk College of Music. They also got new name – “Funky Stereo”. The band started to make new music, a mixture of different possible funky styles. In the middle of 2004 the band completed show program and recorded maxi-single “Love And Funk”. The same year they performed at russian-german rock-festival. At March 2005 group opened the largest in Russia funk-festival ”Fun Funk Fest”.After that, the group received the status of the best Russian disco-funk group. In 2005, during the recording of the first album, the group vocalist left and went to Moscow. During the next five years, the group was looking for a suitable replacement and finally found a great singer: Alexandra Mironenko. In 2014, we will release the first album “First and Last”.

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