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    “This is hardly the first time"… The first line from the title track of Devon Elizabeth’s latest release, The Loneliest Dream, is an unintentional, if not a bit sarcastic description of her musical progress. “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and finally I have a group of songs that I’m completely excited for people to hear.” The five song EP chronicles the abrupt and chaotic emotions that grow from rejection, with mature arrangements that slip easily between genre and feel. The straightforward throwback-pop of Devon’s previous release, Neon Night, is replaced with depth, intelligence and a healthy dose of emotion that is substantially darker than her earlier work. “It was a weird year for me,” Devon explains with a laugh. “A lot went into these songs and maybe someone can pull meaning and apply it to their own stuff that’s going on. Or maybe people will just think I’m being dramatic.” Weirdness aside, Devon Elizabeth has established herself as an exciting force in the Carolina music scene; from performing at regional festivals, receiving shining reviews for her new project, Half Strangers, and grabbing the attention of TuneCore and the International Songwriting Competition with her easy sense of songwriting and arrangement. If a little personal strife is responsible for the killer sound on The Loneliest Dream, hopefully the future only gets weirder.

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