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    You may now know Dimitri Reeves as "The Michael Jackson protester" or "The Michael Jackson impersonator" from the Baltimore riots on 4/27/15 but he doesn't impersonate Michael Jackson he does tributes and has more than that to offer to the world. He never imagined what he did would get so much attention worldwide.The thing is he probably would have been out there anyway with or without the riots because that's what he has been doing for the last 2-3 years to promote himself as an entertainer and to bring some joy and positivity to the streets of Baltimore. Yes his ultimate goal is to be a successful recording artist and entertainer. He has been working towards that for the last 3-4 years. This experience has shown him how he is able to touch so many people, so now more than ever he hopes to have the opportunity to be in a position where the world is watching and listening so he can use his gift and his music to spread positivity on a larger scale. Dimitri has literally stopped traffic while performing at intersections. His stage presence is matched only by his drive to make his next performance better. He has an unexplainable magnetism that draws crowds everywhere he goes and is evident even when just meeting him. In this age of begging for and buying fans/followers to get "numbers", Dimitri gets them the old fashioned way. He earns them. Like many currently successful recording artists, Dimitri was inspired by such icons as Michael Jackson. He has become somewhat of a celebrity in Baltimore for his spot on Michael Jackson tributes, but with his own charisma and star quality shining through he has successfully parlayed that into fans of himself and his original music. He has learned the importance of being , not just a recording artist, but an overall true entertainer and has become a phenom in his own right. It's a presentation that just has to be seen. The legendary Vaughan Mason, best known for his million selling hit Bounce, Rock, Skate Roll, chose to be his manager for all those reasons. Hopefully the value of Dimitri's music will be recognizable when heard. It is fun, relatable, inspirational and marketable. It has received great response from the exposure it has gotten so far. Besides his music itself, Dimitri follows through as an entertainer with an uncanny ability to draw people in, captivate and connect with them. People are always saying, 'There is just something about him...'. Seeing is definitely believing. Witnessing him on a regular basis makes it apparent again and again that he needs to be unleashed on the world.

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