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    • angelcr462 avatar

      Cool!!! I need more of these

    • pawelhoh avatar

      Klimatyczne czarowanie miękkimi dźwiękami. Prawdziwy muzyczny relaks. Bardzo lubię podobne artystyczne nastroje.

    • Bezea avatar

      When I listen to meditational music, I would like to be on a closed-eye boat ride. The instrumentation promisses one of those rides, but with the melody I never new where it is supposed to take me to. It remains for me a line-up of chords not showing me a way. A woven tapestry that doesn't give me a picture. Missing the guide-line. Sorry.

    • John Akerman Özgüç avatar

      Thank you for your honesty, I think I know what you mean. The melodic progression is more elaborate on other tracks such as Meteor rain or The Next Level. Hope you enjoy these more!

  • Saray Yévo avatar

    c'est parfait pour le tricot ^^

  • vincent auge avatar

    tu m'as tué xD

  • LateJunction avatar

    This style of composition exactly meets my needs. I can listen to this all day while working or driving