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    • .....sur quelques croches me sauve.

    • Du travail et beaucoup de réussite!!!...merci pour le partage.

    • Combining intuition, soul and inspiration with technical skills, intelligence and logic can give only one result: a masterpiece! Every single instrument is at the right place, the sound is simply perfect and different styles are perfectly interpreted and played. The effort a work like this must have needed makes this album even more remarkable. Sincerely, for me one of the best albums on Jamendo.

    • It's very diverse electronica of superb quality. Almost everything is perfect on this album - crystal sound, the quality of samples, mixing, the melodies. All sounds so fresh and natural, as if recorded by a real band. In fact some tracks could as well be placed under contemporary instrumental music, not simple electronica. I don't know how many real instruments Nikila used for this album (if any), but I doubt it could be so much as it seems. Some of these totally natural sounds simply have to be artificial. And it only confirms her true mastery. But that's not all. The diversity of this recording is breathtaking. Each song is completely different, full of different ideas, played on different instruments, representing a different genre. Apart from the said contemporary instrumental, we have here nu jazz, downtempo, breakbeat, even industrial. If she let herself put so many ideas into short, under 30-minute album, how huge must be her creativity. It's scary. People shouldn't be so good. ;-) For some artists it would be enough for their whole career. And that's still not all! One could think that so many different elements contained in such short tracks just have to generate total senseless chaos. And probably they would. With any regular artist, who is not a musical genius. But for Nikila it's a piece of cake. Everything fits perfectly, as if designed by evolution, by trial and error, over millions of years. There's no room for a coincidence. They just had to sound this way. It's so obvious once you already heard them. I have only one complaint - they are too short. I read the description and I know it's a deliberate move. But these songs are so packed with highly condensed awesomeness, that one minute is really much too short to properly appreciate them. It's as if somebody forced you to admire talent of Hieronymus Bosch by showing his works for 5 seconds each ( Wouldn't it be a torture? For the time being, the only solution for listening to this album without risking a painful death from a musical hunger, is to play it on loop. But that's only a half measure, unfortunately. I WANT THEM LONGER! ;-) I was really tempted to lower my rating because of that, but I came to a conclusion that it would be very unfair to punish these compositions just because they are short. By the way, what a pity Phon left Jamendo. He would go mad from happiness seeing Nikila used one of his songs. On second thought, he could fall into catatonia, so maybe it's better he can't see it. By the way (II), I was so lucky as to hear this album in a lossless format, because Nikila was so generous to share the original WAV files with me. I don't know if she would be willing to share them with others, but I would try to ask her if I were you - the listening pleasure will be doubled, that's for sure. This is the work that should be heard in the best format possible. By the way (III), I know it's April Fools' Day today, but I'm gravely serious here, people.

    • Très intéressant, mais il n'y a que des petits bouts, on reste sur notre faim. Bon courage pour les faire un peu plus longs les prochains.