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    Libra Makowski
    Orginally Sebastian Makowski, music producer from Lublin.
    His adventure with music began in 1998. Under the pseudonym DJ SpeeD began to publish music in the style of Happy Hardcore. The style is characterized by high dynamics, melody, simplicity and speed (about 200 beats per minute). He have gained some minor successes. One of them was positive review and publication of the demo songs in cult magazine "Techno Party".
    Investing in equipment and software began (in th 2001) the next phase of his career of music producer. Interests directed towards techno music, experimental, ambient. From the material that created at that time was born the first album: "Elastyka No.3 - Speed your generation". The album was released under the underground label called Catech Promotions. In connection with the promotion of the disc was invited to give interviews in the Academic Radio “Akademickie Radio Cenrtrum” in the cyclic program provided by Alan White - “Reakcja Techniczna”. During the program gave her first interview and presented material for two new albums. During this time, he cooperated with the Lublin electronic music scene.
    He published his works in the service and collaborated with, website and forum for fans of electronic music scene in Lublin city. Thanks had the opportunity to re-appear on the radio center in the program by Luisa Staniec - “Your Demo”.
    Gained experiences and own musical education allowed him to develop his own style. He decided not to pigeonhole in the context of specific styles and began experimenting to create music with the whole spectrum of electronic music.
    In 2009, he began to promote their music productions under the pseudonym - Libra Makowski.
    The first project was published on Warm welcome the work by the Jamendo community, gave him the energy to continue the intense work on other projects. Decided (thanks also prompting fans) to set up profiles on sites bandcamp, reverbnation, facebook. He has also launched his own blog artist available at
    In 2013, began working with the singer from Mexico - Araceli Collazo aka Paloma Negra. In 2014 collaborated in the Hazana project. The project is related to the person Beretha Corte, Mexicans who, in protest against the humiliation in Australia, people of Mexican origin, rode alone on a bike around the entire Australian continent. Songs have been mixed together with documentary telling the Beretha story.
    The result of further joint action Araceli and Libra was releasing 2 singles - Shy and I can feel you in the portal jamendo. Cooperation is developing and planning to release their first album together in the style of trance full-length Sidechain Reaction.

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