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The Melchiades Estrada Band

    • very good .... really made ​​energy^^

    • ja wirklich wunderbar normalerweise schreibe ich kaum etwas zur musik aber hier dachte ich mal das muss sein so ne musik wird nicht verkauft aber wenn ich mir manche´n blödsinn in den charts anhöre, greife ich lieber zu dieser musik zurück. mach weiter so soetwas muss entdeckt werden lg

    • So this artist caught my attention today and I looked at his music and discovered I have starred it but didn't write a review so I will . . . The album cover is attractive and the name of the album is charming, who wouldn't want to be associated with youth . . . and I see that a huge number of listeners have written reviews for this album, already . . . so I will make my review shorter than normal. I think my favorite was "Level seven sins" which was a fast paced, upbeat, electronic tune. As were others, most of the music was electronic, upbeat and somewhat ambient. Much of the music seems a little experimental and the musician seemed to enjoy playing with sound and trying different effects in combination with the different instruments. That was in evidence in "Chiptune" which played with my ears also . . . that was fun. Overall this was an excellent album and well worth stopping again to listen to this lengthy offering.

    • А мне понравилось и все прослушиваться , и как не странно ни напрягает !

    • plein de petites astuces ... Plein de belle musique pour imaginer.... Plein de sourires et de cris... Plein de risques sans batailles.... Plein de dandisme et d'intrigues.... Un concept sur ce single a écouter de nombreuses fois avant de pouvoir en faire le tour.... Cv?vC