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    Re-Drum is Léo Urriolabeitia’s character inspired by the great movie “Shining”. A little child possessed by a voice, a musical one which transmit creepy stuff, but beauty as well… Possessed by his early trance-like experience of hearing Steve Reich & Pat Metheny – Electric Counterpoint at the age of 6. This experience changed him subconsciously, making the structure of rhythms and the beauty of melody the center of his approach to music. At an ealry age, he was writing in mirror (something quite common for lefties) and rhythm plus other exercices cured the problem. After having listened to the CD her sister gave to him, DJ Shadow – Endtroducing, he discovered another world within the music world. That path led him to sampling, learning drums, being obsessed by the Warp/Rephlex/LEX/Planet-Mu sound during secondary school. The beauty of Order within Chaos. Following his father’s path of Rock’n Roll and punk-rock bands, he learned guitar and was also interested in Rock music but also very different kinds of music. A keen follower of the netlabel scene during high school ( for exemple) he thought the way of distributing his music for free on the internet was a form of resistance to what the CD industry had become: a drifting boat. Following his early experiments on circuit-bending during high school, he choosed to pursue an education in Electronics and Computer Programming. But that wasn’t what he was searching for, composing music was far more interesting and mind-feeding. During that period, he thought about creating a community for sample-based music and thoughts about copyright issues : Recycled Netlabel. This led him to create an album consisting of only samples of sounds from 1969. Knowing that this period was far from his generation (he is born in 1989) and that he didn’t knew this period very well, he found the idea interesting. After several years, some of the albums he sampled for 1969 he didn’t understand at the time; including the classic Trout Mask Replica; became his all-time favorites. He soon became obssessed by Psychedelism, Krautrock and early explorations in Electronic music. Today, he’s learning Sound Design at the Art School of Le Mans, France. Still digesting all this music : Plunderphonics experiments by John Oswald, Negativland, freaky experimentations by The Residents, he’s on a new path to create another form of music. Always changing, never predictable, you really don’t know what will come next. But it will have a common theme : Space & Time.

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