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    Hi, I'm independent electronic music producer and composer from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I've composed and recorded numerous instrumental tracks during the years, including those that were used as soundtracks. I've always been very productive and had many musical ideas, and as soon I recoreded something, I published it, so I've got 20 albums published so far. I combine several genres, including funk, jazz, synhtpop, new age, ambient, and trip-hop elements. My music is suitable for relaxation and creative work. Even it's influenced with common elements and progressions in electronic production, I'm trying to bring elements of surpirse and unexpectable turns in order to make it interesting and catchy. I've been present on the Creative Commons and free culture scene for quite some time with 20+ albums released, 250k downloaded albums and more than 5 million online plays I'm pretty happy with the response from the public and fans. All I can say, thank you and I promise that I will continue to create more music ... 
    Kind regrads and I hope to hear from you! 


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