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      I Was

      You’re invited to this great summer party. Whether you’re swimming in a pool or just chilling, this rhythmic pop tune will help you enjoy the evening!

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      Long Live the King

      Hear the distant beat of the drums? It’s a sign that the King is back! Inspired by the story of Simba, this playlist will wake up your wildest emotions.

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      Enjoy this energetic flashback! Audio cassettes may be a thing of the past, but this chiptune track will make you look up the 80s and the early computer games. Have fun!

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      Soldier On

      Who’s in need of some good #rock music? Today we offer catchy guitar riffs and memorable vocal hooks. Here’s to the start of an energetic weekend!

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      Snow Queen

      Remember the last time you heard a powerful #metal ballad? This one will also leave an impression. Listen to the freezing cold lyrics and enjoy the hot guitar solo!