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      Poppish Rockish

      Blending elements of #pop, #soul & #rock, Chaddy Boom has created a fresh sound known as through which she "poppish-rockish" expresses her electrifying energetic vibes!

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      Amin Yousefinejad

      / IRN

      Amin Yousefinejad uses a wide range of sounds, from tribal sounds to orchestral violins, to build its own and musical landscape immerse us into a world of discoveries and wonders

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      Fresh newcomer on Jamendo, Carter Vail's #indie #dreampop single is an unusual blend of laid-back guitar and American banjos, tinged with west coast nostalgia and #lofi feel!

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      The Dream

      25th Parallel's debut album 'The Dream' is an interesting mix of energy-fueled alt #rock beats and impressive #hiphop flows, delivering a creative and passionate effort!

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      Venetian Blinds

      A catchy #indiepop, #dreamy feeling that perfectly fits with the return of the sunny days seems to shine out a of 'Venetian Blinds', Ping Pong Club's debut single: true delight!

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      Overdrive Dance

      When #raw and #punchy #guitarriffs bump into furious #electrorock and #breakbeat compositions, the issue is a inevitable: playlist ready to set fire to any dancefloor!

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      Back to Virginia

      'Back To Virginia' is a #pop #folk masterpiece made of 13 unforgettable tracks, considered by Barefoot McCoy to be his most elaborate work-to-date: and it's easy to understand why!

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      Maybe Its Alright

      Through a #dreamy #shoegaze sound and a splash of neo-psychedelia, Pure Mids' last single 'Maybe Its Alright' invites us to lay back, think.. and realize that maybe it's alright!