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      Two Kids

      Latest newcomer on Jamendo with his single 'Two Kids', US artist The DLX comes up with a catchy #pop tune with a strong beat: perfect track to start the week!

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      Icy Mindscapes

      They've gone deep into the realm of uncharted sonic adventures & they're now here to deliver music beyond any boundaries. Dive in into our catchiest #experimental #drone tunes!

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      Running on Sinking Sand

      Never underestimate the power of music, especially when you're going through hard times. Here's your ultimate breakup playlist with songs to make you grieve, heal & move on!

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      So Far...

      #Indiepop duo Martinez originated from the encounter of nostalgic melodies & a joyful female voice, to result in 'So Far', their 1st album that you should absolutely not miss!

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      Best Of September 2017

      Glad to see that everyone is back in business, including our own Jamendo Music artists! A lot of excellent tunes have arrived in September, enjoy!