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      Life is a rollercoaster, just focus on the fun side of the slides. Listen to this brave confession and see if you can relate. Love always wins.

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      / USA

      Who is hiding behind this enigmatic artist name? Discover his soulful melodies and warm moods, immersed in genre-bending soundscapes.

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      This quiet folky tune will have you relaxed in no time. Enjoy this state of pure tranquility, warm and cozy like velvet.

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      Listen to this love declaration gently wrapped around an R&B groove. This cool tune brings a sense of lightness with its atmospheric mood.

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      2019 by Melissa

      Meet Melissa from our Music Team and enjoy her ‘Best Of 2019’ playlist! It’s funky, it’s groovy, it’s folky, it’s soft, it’s rock, it’s dancy!

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      Jaye’s spooky aura is so cool, it’s almost scary, and we like it! Listen to this laid-back beat and its contrast with the lyrics - brilliant!

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      The light sounds of a flute make this track pleasantly psychedelic. Remember the retro sounds of the 70s rock and you’ll feel highly satisfied!