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  • mikue avatar

    Congratulation! A purely and clearly played suite for cello solo. Thank you for the music.

  • Christos Anestopoulos avatar

    WE thank you for your love Mikue wish you the best.Vaghinak thanks you too of course.

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  • Sunceylila avatar

    it makes me think of game of thrones. Your music gives a nice atmosphere. I really appreciate that.

  • Paulo “Aeo” Pereira avatar

    Thank you so much, I really tried to get that Gmae of Thrones sound to come through, your comment made my day.

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  • Anxel avatar

    Muy buena banda, con un sonido esmerado, limpio, arreglos cuidados, sin perder un punto indomable, con fuerza y algunos acordes oscuros. Enhorabuena y muchas gracias por traerlo a Jamendo