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  • Tain't nothing "poisonous" about this is Pumped Up, Power Dance Traxx! The Song starts with Dynamic Action and ACCELERATES with heavy Bass and a whimsical "Music Box" melody this is a Dance/Exercise Movement Track for the Ages. :D

  • GWF aka Global World Friends, has once again united and given Fans of Electronica and Techno Pop-Lounge the Gift of Supremely Good Music. Various Styles of Electronica are heard and this gives the Album Vibrant Variety. In highlighting certain Songs-I am not indicating a preference of one Artist over another but pointing out Examples of the Differences. Track #16. 'Love From Darkness', OpusVertigo demonstrates a Sininster Soundtrack Suspenseful Tone whereas Track #4. 'Escape to Andromeda', Pako, features a Bright, Uplifting Dance-like Groove'. Track #1. 'Butterflies of Water and Salt', Putsasoll-is Superbly Mellow and Easy Listening Lounge-esque Pop to Track #11. 'Theendofera', Naturalbody-is Laidback and Chill Out but in a completely different manner with a Percussive yet Music Box-like Style and Sound. Sixteen Songs comprise the Collection and this means 16 Unique "Voices" to Enjoy.

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