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  • Приветствую друзья! Давно не выкладывал свою музыку, а тут конкурс SOLAR BASS 2018. Решил принять участие, вот здесь можно послушать и подержать если понравиться http://легко

  • Greetings friends! Long time did not spread his music, and here SOLAR BASS 2018. Competition decided to take part, so you can listen to and hold if you like http://легко

  • Prepare for a Roller Coaster Ride of Electronic Delights! In plain English; if you like Crisp, Mesmerizing, Rhythmic Ambient Electronica look no further but be aware this Album is a "teaser" for a Extender version(found elsewhere). Check it out.

  • Amazing sounds! I felt like I was going into space, it is really mesmerizing.