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    • What a great voice, awsome

    • Funny! :) Thanks! :)

    • Si vous souhaitez soutenir l'artiste en vous procurant l'album dans tous les formats jusque HD: https://organicdespair.bandcamp.com Musicalement

    • There is a page at Wikimedia Commons (audio and images of Wikipedia) where wiki-editors discuss this melody: w.wiki/3wE

    • Dear SERGO.TEL! I see that this melody has the following licenses: cc-nd, cc-nc and cc-by. Only cc-by is compatible with Wikipedia licenses. If you can then please, remove cc-nd, cc-nc license tags. Else this melody will be deleted from Wikipedia :(

    • Данное произведение используется по лицензии Attribution 3.0 (CC BY)