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  • Hello! We would be happy to radiate your music in our non-profit podcast (radio show) dedicated to the protection of nature ... I leave the link! Health! We have your permission?

  • With pleasure ;)

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    “ Omniessence is a musical trip into space. Play it on dark nights, or on a road trip and it will take you somewhere else. It is vivid and descriptive, the mechanical driving violence of a rocket launch, to the ethereal sounds of Saturn’s moons and the clever blending of genuine NASA space audio. This album is a credible combination of rock and classical music where there is no fight, just co-operation.” “This album is Davy Clincart’s first venture into musical composition of this type and it is different and very interesting. It may be difficult to classify though, as you can hear influences from as far afield as The Prodigy and Elgar. What works well is that you have very listenable music without the omnipresent bass, drums, rhythm section format. Not that it’s all subtle, quiet and slow. It is extremely powerful and exhilarating in places. A true crossover album”

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    Omniessence by Davy Clincart Have you ever wondered were the music for those film scores and video games come from? Well, when a fine musician with his roots set in rock and roll and folk, let's his fingers and mind depart on a journey, That's how! These newly composed tracks from the Omniessence album will transport you through the seasons of time and galaxy and the only thing holding you back will be your imagination.  You don't have to play video games or be a film buff to enjoy these contemporary compositions, just open your mind. Get on board with Davy Clincart and travel with him. Inspirational, relaxing and ideal for that "Virgin" space shuttle adventure. Norman Jay - Radio Catalonia. 

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    it is clear that some people actually understand that "music" is actually a spiritual art, that flows from deep within the artist, and it is a challenge to allow these compositions that are already present to emerge completely, and without any interference from 'lesser minded mortals'. thankyou for sharing your ability to be such a channel for the music of the universe.