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Stidiek is José Luis Iriarte Madurga, 20-05-1979 Pamplona. (Spain)

A music artist since he went to school, Stidiek often performed comedy shows and music in his early years with his longtime friend Aitor Sanchez (singer-songwritter of the RockEfeler band). As a teenager he once played live during the ‘strike cold’ of anti-miltary people that were being imprisoned. Military service is no longer obligatory. That band was called “The Little Bee Eaters”.

He knew Aitor Unzu and both of them have created several short films. The first of them (‘Net@dona’) showed the new type of relations which can be experienced through internet.

Stidiek made his solo debut with a show that featured poetry, hiphop, guitar and softsynths (Artsaia Musik Club, Encuentros 2003).

He played with Javier Aztarain’s group Spoilt on keyboards (Artsaia, 2006). Later they formed a one night band supporting him on a Guitar Battle (Sala Totem 2007).

As a songwritter he was invited to play at Reciclarte where he met Stephane Deprost. Since June 2006 he joined him and both of them are part of the InVerso Troupe, a group of poets and musicians.

‘Bad City’ shortfilm have won the ‘mejor cortico navarro’ award at VIII Pamplona’s film festival (2007).

José Luis Iriarte is author of the poetry book ‘La letra pequeña’. (Encuentros Géneros Literarios 2007)


Stidiek es el proyecto artístico de José Luis Iriarte (Pamplona, 20-05-1979). Se ha formado como técnico de sonido y programador. Artísticamente es un prolífico cantautor y ha desarrollado el sonido y las bandas sonoras para varios cortometrajes.         




Aquí, en estos viñedos

 sembramos cuerdas de guitarra.

Así, como surgen las notas

 en las líneas de un pentagrama

 van creciendo hileras de vides,

 robustas guitarras,

 retorcidas, aguerridas,

 con ansias de brotes.

Hay que mimar la tierra,

 regarla de musas,

 vigilar las inclemencias del tiempo

 con semblante sereno.

Esta parcela que soñamos nuestra

 nos trae racimos de canciones.



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