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whynotme photo

Whynotme is a band from Oslo, Norway. Got togheter back in 2005. In the early days they use to play in the drummers garage, but got kicked out when the house was destroyed.


They recorded “The rise of the big fat bastard” in 2007. The album title was a tribute to the bass’ and keyboardplayer Marve, recognizing his achievement of discarding tv to play instead. The album was recorded under poor conditions, as it should be. Most of the songs where written by Folke, some where written by Stian. Everything that Marve does is done on the fly. Auto-tune was used on one note on the song “inject”, cause it was outside of Gorans pitch.

They came back with the release of the first 6 songs from “And out came shit…” 2010. All songs are recorded in Laidback studio in Oslo by Jørgen. The last 4 or 5 songs from this album will be recorded before christmas 2010. Goran made a big tattoo on his belly of a guy shittin. Thats the inspiration for the new album. Actually, they didn’t have a choice after the tattoo was done.

Fun facts?
- Folke doesn’t know how to read music in any way.
- Goran is very concerned with his appearance
- Marve isn’t playing a whole lot on the new record cause he had a kid while recording was done. Folke and Stian shared the bass while Marve was away.
- Werner is worth millions!

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