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Abscondo photo

Abscondo is a European band fronted by American singer-songwriter, Mark Manney.  To abscond is to run away, taking something or someone with you. Mark did just that when he left Seattle to start a life in Slovakia -- a romantic country ruled by love.

Abscondo combines big, dramatic choruses, ‘90’s indie sensibilities, and a modern, British indie sound to explore themes of love, beauty, and life-meaning.  The band’s sound can be compared to The Killers, Coldplay, and possibly Muse. 

Mark Manney's songwriting comes from the perspective of a man who, at age 30, turned his back on the narrow path in search of something that felt more real.  Abscondo songs were mostly written during lazy summer afternoons in the town of Kosice, Slovakia.  Others were written on the beaches of Greece, Croatia, and France.  A few more were written on a pawn-shop guitar during a month in Barcelona.  Lyrics were conceived on a park bench in Paris; others on a train outside of London.  In Europe, Mark found the time, cultural isolation, and freedom to discover his voice as a songwriter.    

While Abscondo started as a solo recording project, Mark recognized his own musical limitations.  So on New Years’ Day 2012, the decision was made to start a band.  After sifting through a long list of heavy-metal guitarists, thrash drummers, and Jazz aficionados, Mark had the good fortune to meet the young guitarist and electronic musician, Filip Kluknavsky.  Over their first beer, Filip promised that he would give this project two years to see what happens.  Months later, Abscondo became a 4-piece band with the introduction of Martin Lechman on drums and Tibor Dragon on bass. 

While the unit makes sense creatively, the band’s multilingual conversations usually do not.  The Slovak language is a problem for Mark.  English is nearly as problematic for Martin, so conversations in the studio and on the road typically devolve into confusion or laughter.  Radio and TV interviews with Abscondo are never dull.

In their first year, Abscondo recorded their first single, "Strangled Into Gray" and the b-side "Thunder" as they performed throughout Slovakia.  Mark’s unique language skills were revealed to all of Slovakia when the band made an appearance on a popular reality TV show in the fall of 2012.  In 2013, Abscondo went back into the studio and emerged with 4 new tracks that feature a modern, well-produced European sound.  The tracks were recorded at Klakson Studio in Kosice and produced by Filip Kluknavsky and Kolya from the band I.M.T. Smile.

In 2014, Abscondo released a music video for the single "I Created".  "I Created" is a song that explores and celebrates  expressions of authentic love between two people.  Inspired by the unique culture of Slovakia, a romantic country ruled by love, the video features local couples expressing their affection.

Claiming a space somewhere far from today’s overly-eccentric pop music landscape cluttered with senseless materialism and blind ambition, Abscondo brings a relaxed sound and pure imagery that celebrates real feelings of love and reminds us of our deep need to connect with each other.

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