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Hello everybody !

   Glad you're taking some time to visit this page. I hope you like the music I created!

   A few words about the albums: the series "Chroniques de l'Autre Monde" (translatable into "Chronicles of the Other World") gathers musics illustrating the main parts of a story I wrote. I guess we can call it a "book's soundtrack"! The 3 albums are therefore to be considered as one and single entity (musics are intertwined to cover the story as a whole). As for the book it can be found online as well (e-book): I wrote the list of the retailers and available languages on Smashwords

   For those wondering how one of these music would sound in a Live performance (yes: with a real orchestra!), go check this out!

   At last, "Essentiel(le)" ("Essential"), "La Nuit Du Chasseur " ("The Night Of The Hunter") and "La Légende de Mendrock" ("The Legend of Mendrock") regroup musics composed on demand for, respectively, 3 short films (available here), a slideshow (look there) and an audio saga although the music has actually never been used.

Thank you for having taken the time to read all of this! Have a good time listening/reading/watching!

David Gay-Perret
My Book
My Youtube Channel

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