• Ursprung: Deutschland - Munich
  • Existiert seit: 1996

Beliebteste Titel

1 14556 Angehört
2 3503 Angehört
3 1251 Angehört
4 518 Angehört
5 678 Angehört
6 791 Angehört
7 757 Angehört
8 670 Angehört
9 473 Angehört
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4eyedfish photo

Welcome to the 4eyedfish-jamendo site!


4eyedfish are:

Rolf: Vocals and acoustic guitar

Ralf: Drums and percussion

Volker: Bass

Rudi: Keyboards

Robbi: Guitar

4eyedfish is a funk rock band from munich/germany. The band emerged
from a project that started in the early 90s.
Since that time the cast has changed but the spirit is still alive.
After all those years of musical experience the band was finally
founded in autumn 2007.

4eyedfish is influenced by various great artists. The sound and the
instrumentation is based on the music of the 70s. From soft ballads
over hot funky rhythm based songs to rock - but always in our own
style - the 4eyedfish sound.

Feel free to hear and download our music!

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