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IB1Dance photo

 Hi !


My Artist name is I.B.1.Dance .Abbreviated for I be one Dance .I live in England which is a comparatively free democratically governed country in the united Kingdom , Europe .


I Love making music and will be uploading some more tracks shortly.Click the become a fan button at the top of this page and you will receive a message when more of my music becomes available .


Dancing to House/electronic/Tribal Percussive styles of music is not only fun,It can liberate the person Dancing from  emotional social bonds of conservative conformity .Music can broaden our experience and sharpen the mind .Essentially if done with thought and good timing Dancing is the most healthiest movement a human being can do .

It's far better to move freely and choose you own way to Dance than choose some formal Dance routine.Traditionally Dancing is done  socially within groups of two or more people.Quite often the dancing moves have evolved to look impressive to others or to form social bonds .Though Dancing has been a dominant and arguably essential social part of many cultures since homo sapiens began to play music in groups  ,their is also a more "personal" form of  moving to the music  . Dancing for the sake of  personal health values ,rather than  Group social values can give a higher reward of health and self understanding .Designing Dance moves that feel Good to yourself & improve your physical health rather than Dance moves that look Good to the social group is a more sustainable way to Move to the music.

Choose Dancing to professionally designed Dance music - house,trance etc Music  :-) .Not only are these genres of  music more Rhythmical thus simpler to move too their also quite often more pro-active and  positive than many other genres of music .

Personally I love & Live Dance styles of music,I endeavor to shape my daily life so it fits around listening and dancing to music .I enjoying a Good groove more than a Good Melody .To make music I play a piano style keyboard connected to a computer and a drum pad and edit / record the results using a computer sequencer .

Have a listen to my sounds and take the time to write a review, as this does let artists know that uploading their music isn't being taken for granted .



Peace Y 


Thanks to netalloy at http://openclipart.org/ for the use of the Graphic used on the I.B.1.Dance Logo .


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