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kaparao photo
About Me

I am an Italian percussionist, composer, choir director, currently work and live in Brazil, in a small paradise in the Atlantic Forest, in the region of Espirito Santo.
I studied African percussion in Angola, Nigeria and Ghana, Reggae in Martinique, Kodo Music to Sado island (Japan) contenporany percussions at Basel (Switzerland)

Instruments I play

Latin and african percussions, indian percussions like gamelan and tablas, drum, piano, keyboards, guitar, timpani, etc.

Software I Use

Maestro, WIDI Recognition System 3.3, Fruitloops 8 XXL producer, Sound Forge and Vegas Audio, Bose Acoustica, Chord Pickout.

Hardware I Use

processor: Duron 1.2
soundcard: onboard
ram memory: 640 mega
disk memory: 10 Giga and 40 Gigas
win xp and ubuntu (Linux)

Listening To Right Now

Anatomic (Afrocelts Soundsystem), Amadas Estrelas (Achillea), Beneath the Surface (Balligomingo), Downtemple dub Flames (Desert Dwellers), Seraphin (Irfan), Red Buddha (Red Buddha), Tibet (Waterbone), Doors to the Paradise (Tulku), The Dawnseeker (Sleepthief), Il Vuoto (Franco Battiato)

My Top 10 Favourite Albums

More (Pink Floyd), Secret World Live (Peter Gabriel), The Lamb lies down on Broodway (Genesis), Felona e Sorona (Le Orme), Tangram (tangerine Dream)

My Influences / Fav Artists

Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, King Krimson, Yes, Ravi Shankar, Sting, Miles Davis, Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Toure Kunda, Art of Noise, and drummers like Omar Hakim, Manu Katché, Chester Tompson, Brice Wassy.

My Music Sounds Like

World music, chillout, ethnic, aethereal, new age, lounge

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