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For about 25 years Tom van der Lahn deals with the subject electronic music.


He has grown up in the Ruhr area and lives for some time in his adoptive country Marburg at the Lahn (Hessen/Germany).


In his childhood he discovered his vein for the electronic music. The functional extent of an easy Yamaha synthesizer woke up in him the wish to write own songs. Inspired by artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Michael Cretu, Depeche Mode and many other he came along to the work!


He also discovered the computer as a great aid for the electronic music. In the beginning he still used the Commodore VC-20 and then the C-64 (SID). Afterwards he uses the legendary Amiga 500 for the composition. The legendary Soundtracker, TFMX and Oktalyzer were the programmes with which most Amiga Chip-Tunes have originated. Earlier musicans take sounds still even from cassette or CD. Then later there was to buy ready samples on CD (e.g., from master bits).


Then there followed various synthesizers and sampler (e.g., Korg M1, Wavestation EX, 05RW, Akai S01). If his first pieces still had a very experimental character, the songs in the course of the time became catchier and catchier.


KONAMI (video game manufacturer) in Japan confirmed to him his talent rousing pieces to compose. The song which he sent to Japan was "Changing Tracks" (that he composed it for videogames you can hear!). However, at the past KONAMI worked together - for logistic reasons (no Internet!!!) - only with Japanese composers.


After the first efficient PC's on the market came, Tom van der Lahn also used so-called track-programmes. With these programmes pieces of music with up to 32 canals got themselves in In stereo. His personal favorite was the programme FASTTRACKER II with which it was possible according to achievement to merge up to 32 canals. Also with this programme numerous pieces have originated. Thanks to the high sound quality of the Soundblaster card at that time of creative of rennet, the pieces sounded quite semiprofessional, because also sound effects were no more problem.


Meanwhile he experiments again with a real Workstation - a ALESIS FUSION 6HD and numerous software synthesizers. Insanity, what a technical progress since then has been possible!


Tom van der Lahn has written in the course of the years - with varying equipment - to approx. 80 pieces (with and without singing)! These are published exclusively under his project LASERTRACKS.


And now a lot of fun while listening my sounds!


Tom van der Lahn

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