Sunday Chocolate Club

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Sunday Chocolate Club (SCC) is a Bielefeld and Münster (Germany) based indie rock band. Club members are Kai Hülsmann (guitar, vocals), Hannes Künsebeck (bass, backing vocals), Jan Strickmann (drums) and Anne Wernicke (drums, backing vocals).

Together they build skyscraping walls of sound out of a 1000 and one guitar effects and intricate, jittery drumbeats carried deep down by melodic basslines reminiscing about The Cure´s happier days. Sprinkled with head-bobbingly uber-catchy melodies and the faintest trace of post-rock,

SCC`s music could be both: blasting from your headphones on your way to the club or playing in the background when you finally muster up the courage to kiss that incredibly cute person a couple of hours later that Friday night.

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