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Instrumental & Film Music Production by Manuel It all started with a simple Yamaha keyboard I got as a gift when I was little. Playing just notes and pieces that others had composed wasn't that sort of thing that gave me this special feeling about music. So I started composing myself. At first, just some little notes and harmonies, but by and by it got more complex. Then, finally, a Mac stepped into my life and making original music was just a click on 'GarageBand' away now. Since then, I composed several digital albums and developed my composing style, I tried out various genres and virtual instruments. Now, I'm currently composing with far better libraries than the GarageBand one and I just pushed GarageBand to its limits, so I'm looking forward to take first steps into the world of ProTools and Logic. This will happen soon because I'm about to start studying film music composition. Let's see what the future holds - I'm really excited! Inspiration Let's talk a little bit about inspiration. To me, inspiration is the main part when it comes to composing original music. Without inspiration every note that comes out of my mind seems senseless. There would be no vision. No connection. No story that could be told through the music. Personally, my biggest inspiration is God because he gives me the opportunity to get every thought, every idea into real music for what I’m really thankful.

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