The Crystal Projects

  • Ursprung: Deutschland - Göttingen
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  • Existiert seit: 1995

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The Crystal Projects - or TCP - have been around since 1996. Now, several years later, they still remain one of the hottest unsigned acts of Germany's electronic music scene. Thus they had at least twice the honour to land a "song of the day" on the well-known German platform, countless numbers of remixed versions of their songs and several magazines, such as on Owl-Radio and Podparade, broadcasted specials about the band. After being successful as a three piece (Denis, Chris and Phil) for some considerable time, only founding member Denis is left. In 2002 he met Philip, a member of the mighty Techno-House project phiLog, and soon they learned to love/hate/almost respect each other. This alliance led to a new era in the TCP history.

Together, Philip and Denis wrote "Spymachines" and "Slide". Highly acclaimed by both fans and fellow musicians, these songs were slightly more electronic than previous material but nevertheless 100% TCP. Although it has been rather quiet about the band in the recent years, they're still in touch and constantly moving on - stay tuned! ..

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