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Who Are StrangeZero

StrangeZero are Stelios & Io-V, from Greece, travelling with machines, dreams and whispering screams


How Did They Became StrangeZero

They first met in 1984. In 1990 they started writing music under various names using just a sampler and an Amiga 500. They recorded rain sounds and sounds from the places they travelled to, combined with breakbeats, acid tunes and guitars. In many tracks they used vocals and all these tracks still exist in audio tapes.

After some years Stelios worked as a radio producer while Io-v went off to Beograd to study medicine. They met again in 1998, when they decided to start an electronic band.

The band name “StrangeZero” basically came out to give a meaning to all minorities, usually referred to as “Zero’s“, and explain that a ZERO can become something when it’s strange…it can have an identity


And StrangeZero Music is

Influenced by old Harthouse & Eye Q rec. days, strong acid 303 trips and experimental ambient sounds, they created their own sounding. Experimenting with all kind of music kinds, they released 7 albums and 2 EP  here in Jamendo while in parallel they released some of their tracks on various commercial CD’s by Sony BMG and TSOE and wrote music for various movie documentaries.


If you are looking for our two first official albums Blue Trees, 7 Miles (2003) & Happens In A City (2005), please be informed that they are no longer available in Jamendo. You can download them for FREE by visiting StrangeZero HomePage



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