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A soundarchitect from Holland. You may call it Pays-Bas too.

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Works with found sounds, voices,fieldrecordings, live wavs and midi's and mixes them in his own cross-rhythmic way.

First releases on the Musictrade Netlabel in 2005 on the MT003 (Norberg 2005 Field Mixes)  on the MT005 (Requiems for a Submerged City), a New Orleans tribute album, and the recent MT010 (Ice Mustard). Completely free downloads also on Mininova, where hi-res 24 bit flacs are available too.

Developing since then with influences from classic masterpieces towards more ambient, drone-like pieces that try to capture the full complexity of silence,  as well as more rhythmic experimental pieces that try to shift yer mood rather than move yer feet.

Started some collaborations, where the songs with Justbase were released february 2007. In the mean time Ancient Species and JamatriX are released. A great base of virtual cooperations is realised since then.

"This musical travel agency is specialized in surprise destinations" my friend Doc says in one of his reviews, and KraftiM is honored  with this qualification. Circling around but still getting further like a friendly tornado that hopes to touch you gently on its way....

Later regularly releases come here on Jamendo, production keeps growing, and collaborations are evolving.

First full albums:  BackvieW  and Ancient Species,  later main albums FraxurY and Jobin. Inbetween Resur, etSitara, Depht  and some Jamendo specialties.Latest till now the FuKuS and Bance projects.  More stuff constantly appearing on different netlabels like Musictrade  and Black Square,  check those free treasures of experimental music....

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