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re-drum photo

For the love of music. 

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Born in 1989, Re-Drum is a french electronic music producer. His name “Re-Drum” came from the great movie “Shining”. Also, when he was a kid, he was writing in mirror and the doctors gaves him rythm exercices to cure the problem.

He cames form a family were music is very important. His passion for electronic music was given by his sisters who were listening to Steve Reich when he was 6. Later, at the age of 12, he discovered DJ Shadow – Entroducing which gives him a “slap” literally. Introducing him to sampling techniques, Abstract Hip-Hop, great labels such as LEX, Warp, Rephlex and of course great drum patterns. So, after that, he decided to play drums and bought his first kit at 14 years old. He was found of video games at that time and he started to play a game called “Music” onpsone. This game introduced him the basic music composition techniques. Few years after, he started to produce on computers with Fruity loops and Rebirth.

Then, at the age of 15 he started to produce more seriously with Ableton Live. At this time, he started to play guitar and was interested in blending organic sounds from his instruments and electronic sounds. In 2007, he moved to Brest and learned electronics/programming at the National Engineering School of Brest and has developped his own style of blends between samples, instruments and electronic sounds. He released several albums on Torrentech Netlabel and got his first commercial release in 2010 on Turbulent Calm Records. He also relesead Microcosmos EP on TFE records which had great feedbacks from Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Abyss… at the end of 2010, Laurent Garnier played his track “S.. Track” on french Radio LeMouv’.

During 2010 he also produced “1969″, featuring only samples from that year. Currently living in Toulouse, he started to take djing more seriously and played regularly in town.

In October 2011 he played a live performance in Berlin for the release of his first vinyl, along with Josh Winiberg and Dürerstuben.

After being heavily influenced by 70′s music, Zappa and Minimalism he decided to imagine a place to share sample based music with an experimental edge. That was the connection of past and future music, something that hasn’t been found on the web yet. While still DJing in Toulouse, Re-Drum is now more focused on Live performances and various Audiovisual experiments/Short Movies/Animations.


I believe if you eat varied kind of food to stay healty, you should listen to different kind of music to keep your musical appetite.

Played at:

* Moog Club (Barcelona, SP)

* Raum Club (Barcelona, SP)

* HBC (Berlin, DE) ->

* L'Autre Mix Bar (Toulouse, FR)

* Salle du Cap (Toulouse, FR)

* White Club (Toulouse, FR)

* Le Tom Cafe (Brest, FR)

* ENIB (Brest, FR)

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