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  • Veröffentlicht: 01.12.2006


Tryad is one of the world's first 'virtual bands.'

Born of Creative Commons and, the members of Tryad :: vavrek, arna, rjmarshall, John Holowach, and emma meet and create music entirely over the internet.

During 2005, for over nine months they collaborated, all without having ever spoken to each other (only e-mailed), and produced a strikingly original work.

Combining elements of trip-hop, alt. rock, classical instrumentation, and electronica, Public Domain breaks the mold of what you'd expect.

From the hard-thumping bass, drums, and chorus of "The Final Rewind," to the mellow, drifting sixties beat of "Peace On Earth (Same Place)," to the stinging madness of "Dance of the Urbanite," there's something here for everyone to appreciate.

Bands and artists like Portishead, Depeche Mode, Rob Dougan, The Beatles, Moby, Massive Attack, and many others mish-mash together in this profound audio journey...


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Public and Perfect Domain

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Wonderful and intelligent, the sound is almost perfect. Tryad is, without doubt, one of the best bands you can discover at Jamendo. Listen to 'The Final Rewind'.

Vraiment Excellent !

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J'ai vu les critiques, j'ai vu le nombre de téléchargements... Enfin, tout cela a attiré mon oreile qui y a doucement glissé son lobe vers votre album. Jamendo tiendrait-il son Massive Attack ? En tout cas les influences présentes sont très bien vues. Que ce soit au niveau de la réalisation, la qualité des arrangements, des sons, les voix, les breaks, les changements de rythmes... rahhhhh... Si je mets 9, c'est non seulement parce que la perfection n'existe pas en ce bas monde, mais c'est aussi parceque je trouve parfois que les voix ne sont pas assez mises en avant dans certaines musiques (I See)... Elles sont un peu trop enveloppées dans les basses du morceaux et elles s'évanouissent un peu. Voilà, sinon c'est du tout bon... A quand un film avec pour B.O votre album ? Thanks for your album try^d ! A must-have on Jamendo !

Excellente musique!

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Très bon album qu'on ne se lasse pas d'écouter et de réécouter! Continuez comme ça !!! et félicitation! ( ça s'impose lol)

droolworthy music

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I pity the people who are not utterly gaga over this band. And I'm sure those people pity me because I am so utterly gaga about this band. Still, music is a fairly subjective thing. So, here's my subjective opinion: Try^d and Vavrek are musical geniuses. I don't mean they're technical wizards or anything like that. I mean they have music and musical feel in their veins, and through chemistry or magic or whatever the hell you want to call it, their stuff writhed and wriggled and coiled together and melted together into something new. Something new that rose up, grabbed me by the head, stuck a slippery tongue through my ears, went down to my chest cavity and wrapped itself like a throbbing anaconda round my heart, twitching with the beat. And it has happened not just with one or two pieces, but a whole bunch of them. If I were a woman I'd demand to have Vavrek's babies or something. OK, there's stuff I don't care for either, but ... what a huge shortlist of truly brilliant pieces we end up with still: Empty: love the reverse distort guitar samples or whatever they are. And the tune. Sunlight: after an odd start it settles into a wistful tune. And what a fine tune it is too. Witness: What a groove. I prefer the Holowatch Screaming Club Mix of this - get that if you can - it's probably on their home page somewhere. What a fine tune. This: Beautiful mellow groove. What a fine tune (do you see a pattern here? Yes?). World that you know: Poignant. Love it. Fine tune, of course. Rewind: Another fave to rave about. Can't get that tune outta my head. Our Lives Change: How the hell did they manage to keep churning out such beautiful tunes? Healing Luna: Not as great as the rest in my humble opinion, but stands out all the same. I mean, you can't get past that lovely tune. These guys are deservedly a top Jamendo download. So damn talented, it's flabbergasting. Whatever happens, Try^d, do try^nd keep that magical interaction between the musicians going. You have something special there.


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Y pensar que esté álbum fue realizado totalmente por internet sin que los integrantes hallan cruzado una sola palabra. Tan solo escuchen "The Final Rewind" y estarán fascinados. ¿Qué como suena?, a electrónica medio rockera, de sonidos suaves y extremadamente pulidos.

Not bad...

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... but didn't continue as I'd hoped. The opening tracks could show Enigma a thing or two, but subsequent tracks don't seem to capture that magic and end up sounding like a lighter version of Massive Attack. Worth a listen, though.

Bonne prod

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Beaucoup de styles se télescopent ici notamment la pop (qu'elle soit 60's ou plus proche de nous et plus "industrielle" d'inspiration "Conjure One") et le Trip Hop. De jolies compositions, de beaux morceaux qui se laissent écouter avec plaisir. Pop certes mais sans être mièvre. Ca passe tout seul. Si comme moi vous êtes un tantinet réfractaire à la pop, essayez de l'écouter entièrement. Ensuite, si ça se trouve vous vous surprendez à le ré-écouter sans vous en rendre réellement compte. Un album qui se déguste sur la durée. Nous ne sommes pas ici dans la musique "jetable" : une écoute et bye bye. Ce disque s'inscrit dans le temps et c'est tant mieux. Un album qui joue avec le temps et le monde onirique.


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ten zespół jest jak oaza na pustyni, pośród komercyjnej radiowej papki, stanowi miłą odskocznię dla osób poszukujących nowych brzmień, oczarowali mnie, gratuluję i czekam na więcej very good album, surprising me in positive way, thanks and whaiting for more :D


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deutsch: try^d gehört definitiv zu meinen favoriten auf jamendo. der sound ist brilliant und es macht groszen spass, das album zu hoeren. english: try^d are definitly one of my favorites on jamendo. the sound is brilliant and its a lot of fun to listen to the album.

À connaître

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Comme le précédent... On ne s'en lasse pas, à faire découvir à ses potes!