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  • Veröffentlicht: 04.11.2012

released 12 April 2012
Catalog#: TUN 028DD
Compilation: Tunguska EMS & Vitaly Ryabkov (Vsadnik)
Mastering: Artem Dragunov & TC6000
Artwork photo: Josef Nikitin (nikjos)


Have you ever thought of what had been before you? How many nights had stepped in for days, how many stars had lit up and had faded at least within our celestial map? On just our planet mountains had risen, rivers and seas had emerged. Infinite number of species had come into existence, lived their biocycles and vanished in the relentless time stream.

They disappeared but parts of them had left inside us. We have been assembled from those parts and we ourselves are parts of the species to come. And when we vanish together with our planet and our sun, our legacy will continue to exist, regardless of what that existence will be. Life will go on in any case. Its very essence is in the infinite changes and alterations, but at the same time in the continuance of itself.

So are we: never repeat ourselves, but keep loyal to ourselves and our traditions. And we will leave some part of us inside you.

Welcome Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol.8.

CD 1: 1 - 12

CD 2: 13 - 22

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

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Konstantin Garrus

Мощный мощный!

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В избранное! А "Universum" навсегда в плейер.

Очень Мощный

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Ребята, поздравляю! Супер компиляция, супер музыка! Спасибо!
Darg Sodrag

Очень серьезный альбом

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Отличный сборник! Фотка, саунд... Всё супер ) С Днем Космонавтики!!!

Awesome - Simply Awesome

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Absolutely love Tunguska Chill out Grooves, and this one is no exception. Each one just gets better and better. For me, track 6 is the best but all are fantastic. Thank you for making this music.


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Как всегда шикарно! однозначно в избранное


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Vaya cantidad de temas! Y cada uno esconde una sorpresa agradable a los oídos. Muy buena música.

Manque de relief !

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Un bon album mais l'ensemble reste assez uniforme, lisse, avec un cruel manque d'aspérités, de relief. Un peu trop clean ! Merci pour la recommandation !

Отличный альбом

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Отличный сборник получился! Спасибо и с праздником!

Весьма кайфово

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Доза чудесного настроения! :) Молодцы!

Dobry album

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Tunguska w dobrej formie! Tunguska in good shape!