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  • Veröffentlicht: 02.03.2008

Primer demo de nopal burrton, consta de 4 pistas que oscilan entre el trip-hop y la musica electrinica experimental, con algo de folk, las pistas tienen un año de haber sido hechas y fueron escogidas al azar para promocionarlas.

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Steps through the jungle...

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Caja Musical is absolutely fantastic experimental sound work. Love the pace and feel of the first track. This doesn't go away with the second track, Riff-n-Riffs. In fact, it is compounded and just makes me more enthusiastic about this demo. Wonderful sounds. Eco resonates beautifully and brings to mind a little story about a South-American village that had a cockroach problem. So, they used insecticide which the local rats feeding off the dead cockroaches, passed onto the cats, but the cats died, and the rat population exploded, to the point where they had to stop using the insecticide and airlift cats in to cope with the vermin. Funny how things resonate ecologically. Pasos is some fine stepping indeed. Excellent demo.

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Ia eskuche los otros Ds y son buenos, en cierto grado, mejores que el primero... radio acida genial... todo lo demás muy ambiental... sobres...