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  • Veröffentlicht: 22.05.2006

Roots contains compositions about the evolution I experienced during my years as a student. Each song is the result of very different circumstances, of an understanding of music which has gradually ripened with age. Roots is a collection of sixteen songs which correspond to sixteen different times in my life, which tell different stories, which feel different and make up independent works in terms of form, texture and sound. The aim of this work is to make my listeners enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed composing it.

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Absolutely sublime

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A very emotional music, the compositions are splendid, I will be able to spend hours and hours listenning to this album without being wearied... Dear Sir, for having assembled so much delicacy, so many relaxing emotions, so many dreams, so much sorrow, so much joy, so many subtle and transitory moments, so many exalted sounds, aloof from and raised far above the ordinary, inspiring awe, deep reverence, lofty emotion by beauty, vastness and grandeur, I simply admire you. I also greet the cover, as sober and purified as the music of Roots. Anyway, the words seem so useless... Cowardly, I will just invite anyone of you to listen to this album... --- Une musique très émotionnelle, les compositions sont magnifiques, je pourrai passer des heures et des heures à les écouter sans m'en lasser... Monsieur, pour avoir assemblé tant de délicatesse, tant d'émotions, tant de rêves, tant de chagrin, tant d'allégresse, tant d'instants subtils et éphémères, je vous admire et vous souhaite bonne continuation. Je salue à cet égard la pochette, aussi sobre et épurée que la musique de Roots. Une musique digne des plus grands pianistes, des compositions uniques. Je les conseillerai à tous. Vraiment. --- Bueno, no hablo español muy bien, y no me parece suficiente para expresar todo lo que esta música hace nacer en mi... Me siento incapaz, sí, imponente de describir no sería más que la plenitud en la cual estoy actualmente. Es bonito, pero es tan estereotipado decirlo. Y eso no daría cuenta de lo único del álbum. Y lo sublimo. Mis homenajes, Señor...

Just listen...and life will be good...

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My english is not perfect...what can I say? It's magic? I will listen to your music during are a really good musician. Thanks a lot.


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Con este álbum se demuestra que no es necesario tener un fondo de varios instrumentos para crear verdaderas obras de arte. Temas sencillos pero a la vez hermosos que demuestran por qué y para qué existe la música, sencillamente para llenarnos de sentimientos y emociones, algo que nuestro amigo Galdson consigue con este bello álbum.


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I love this album. It's hard for me to decide which of the songs is my favorite because each song has a different, yet unique character. I warmly recommend it to all piano lovers out there.

Ein wahres Kunstalbum!

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Musik zum Entspannen und fröhlich werden - fantastisch!


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I never thought I would find such an outstanding musician, who is telling and sharing his greatest, sadest, happiest, [...] moments in his life with all the audiences in jamendo. Thank you so much! I really did enjoy your keen sense of transporting feelings into music.

Classic tunes

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This is the best piano music I have heard in a long time. A tune-smith with real talent!

Arrangement superbe, jeu pro...

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Arrangements qui cassent trois pattes à un canard, largement... Jeu subtil, touché de piano magistral. Pas de fausses notes, ni de dérapages rythmiques... C'est sensuel et sensible, et ça c'est bon...

nice one

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a nice solo piano release that fits well into a playlist with rob costlow.

Хороший альбом

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it's just brilliant! :) легкая воздушная музыка, которая, кажется, существовала всегда. Это микрокосмос, погрузиться в который не мешает каждому. Всё звучит просто и естественно! Мало кто вообще так беззаботно играет. Выше всяких похвал! Так и держать! :)