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  • Veröffentlicht: 20.06.2006

The album Increase the Dosage features guest performances by musicians such as Seamus Blake (the Mingus Big Band), Michael Shrieve (Santana) and Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock).

The album was released initially on 4/4/2004 but the short-run self-released pressing quickly sold out. It was released again on 9/25/05 in a web package with full album art.

The web package is a self-contained website with hyperlinks directly from the tracklist to MP3 sound files. It features 4 pages of full-color artwork by Seattle artist Shawn Wolfe. (view web package)

Excerpt from All Music Guide review by Matt Borghi:

The Revolution Void recording is excellent and shows quite a gifted blend of sounds that defy genre specification, coming together and becoming quite cohesive. This is a very eclectic recording and one that certainly rewards the listener with a palette for new and intriguing sound. This is a great disc, and one that listeners should definitely look into.

4/5 stars.


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Sonic Mystery


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Fantastic work! I am impressed! Thank you!

Świetna płyta!!!

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Zgadzam się z Pavikiem, w Revolution Void idealnie połączono kilka brzmień i wyszedł naprawdę niezły bit;) git!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good album

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Great sound, this is the perfect mix between noise and music. I love it

Improvisations + reprises instrumentales : Bon jazz...

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waaa Good Vibes !

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Frankly good music strewn with style in any kinds I like that !!!

Música para la inspiración

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Os diré por qué me gusta este disco. Uno de los motivos principales es que deleita a mis oídos estimulando la masa grisácea que tengo en el interior de mi testa reactivando así un placer totalmente gratuito y exquisito, todo ello benévolo e influyente a la hora de poder escribir sobre mi vida, nada pero que nada mal está este disco si señor.


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en gros gawoop c'est un mot de mon invention, exclamation de joie devant un truc de ouf merciiiiiiiiii