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  • Veröffentlicht: 15.07.2006
subatomicglue [2003] - aeonblue fills the dark chasm of dream and light with a harder techno edge while keeping the subatomicglue you've come to know. the aeonblue is a new beginning.
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Great work!

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I realy enjoyed to listen this music! I don't think this is real technomusic,because i don't like technomusic. Lot of variations and soundscapes makes this one to "a must have"! Download it...right now! Two thumbs up!!! The Abogix (J.K.) If you want try out my latest album,maybe you like it?

Bon album techno

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Un bon album techno, avec de très bons sons, parfois un peu "space" mais toujours très sympa à écouter. C'est un techno festive, qui appelle à bouger. Mais paradoxallement, cette musique techno sait être aussi très reposante, aussi bizzarement que ça puisse paraître. L'instrumentation électronique est variée. Le son est de bonne qualité. Bon travail


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Every song on here is good. The only thing that keeps me from rating it 10 is I expect in that case every song to be just unbelievably awsome, while some of the songs on here are merely very good. Acctually I want to rate it sort of 9.5 Compared to alot of other Electronica, subatomic has a somewhat harsher sound, less soft, more edgy. My favorite track(s) are rust and dance of the butterfly.

One of the few talents is a sea of sludge.

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Great album. Great music for backgound "noise" but also very interesting to focus on. Lots of variation. I really enjoyed it.


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Subatomicglue does it again! Each album has a different theme and that is what makes their music work. No repeats. Everything is fresh and new. New inspiration and new appeal. And baby it works. :D

Let's dance!

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poussez les meubles, là. ' faut qu'ça bouge làn'dans! Vous êtes à la recherche d'un booster de soirées engluées ? STOP'n'PLAY. Vous êtes arrivés. Après un démarrage en trombe, vous pouvez planer. Oh rien de révolutionnaire nann'dans, mais du plaisant, bien arrangé. Sans grande ambition, mais tout le monde n'est pas obligé d'en avoir pour (se) faire plaisir, si? 'Anubis Claws' mon definit coup de coeur sur cet album.

techno beats

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Techno beats. No anthems. No diva wails. Just standard techno. Rust had some fun samples, and stood out a bit.

tres bien

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super rien a dire


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fxxxxxx naiz thanx nice minimal, searches in my mind with the mp3 player naiz! tickles places where AFX does thanx

A step onwards and upwards!-)

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I am a particular fan of instrumental music at the moment, lyrics have their place, but at the moment I personally prefer instrumental, electronic or some fusion thereof. So, this album in that respect is what I want. I prefer a bit more experimentation, minimalism, and sometimes, darkness too. It's my perpetual mood swings!-) But more than anything I want to hear the soul of the artiste(s) expressing themselves, and I believe, amongst other mad fancies, that this element can be discerned on any level of consciousness. What we have here, and it's a professed 'development', are seeds sprouting within the ecological atmosphere of Jamendo. I liked the album, but what I feel it lacks is a bit of boldness, a bit more bite (or just more bits, if you want to be technical). I personally think minimalism is strong as an influence at the moment and there is a sense of that to this array of musical expressions. It generally, feels a little bit blurred if that makes any sense? Experimentation and simplicity can engender more powerful results and in places this album shines, just has a few clouds here and there. Keep up the good work!-)