playlist artwork#12 this weekThe Politics of Desire

von Revolution Void


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  • Veröffentlicht: 21.06.2008
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True Revolution

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Una vez más Jonah Dempcy (pianista y productor) bajo el nombre Revolution Void, nos deleita con remezclas que fusionan jazz con techno. En este álbum mezclan algunos estilos y sonidos que no aparecen en los otros trabajos. Con esta tercera entrega en demuestran su apuesta por este tipo de distribución y difusión de música. Las críticas por baja calidad o poca repercusión mediática se diluyen.

Jazz w sosie electro

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Lubię jazz, electrojazz, breakbeatjazz, nujazz. Lubię tę płytę bardzo - jest pełna świetnych, świeżych dźwięków, na bardzo wysokim poziomie. Wszystko się miesza, kręci i jazzuje w sposób iście profesjonalny. Medeski, Martin i Wood nie powstydziliby się takiego albumu. Tylko "How Exciting" psuje zabawę - fajny utwór, ale z innej bajki :)


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Thank you for this music. As other reviewers have said, this is a flawless album. Today I really like track 3 (Someone Else's Memories), but yesterday my favourite track was track 8 (The Simulation Hypothesis). Choosing only one track from this album would be hard, indeed. You'd be never tired of it. すばらしいアルバム。ヘビーローテーションです。全然聞き飽きることがありません。


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Ecxelent very good!!! Muito bom mesmo, não deixou cair a qualidade, comparando com os outros!!! Parabéns espero sempre novidades dessa banda!!! SHOWWWWWWWWWW


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Vorstellung auf, und Mal wieder ein bisschen was - hm wie nennt man das jetzt wieder? Ich sag jetzt einfach Multistyle dazu. Jazz, Lounge, Ambient ach was weis ich was noch, aber jedenfalls ein richtig schönes Chill-Sonnenalbum was uns hier präsentiert wird. An einer Stelle ist zwar das scrachen nicht ganz perfekt, jedoch tut das der guten Musik keinen Abruch und - ach genug der Schönrederei, hört es euch doch selbst an - ich kann es nur empfehlen !

Magnifique ! pour une néophyte de l'électro je suis conquise ! Bravo Revolution Void, les 3 albums sont géniaux, j'ai créé un compte sur Jamendo juste pour vous et je promets d'acheter prochainement un album et de parler de vous : )

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A monopoly of a panoply...

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Flawlessly fused techno configurations of an eminently skilled artist. Some really awesome structures and melding of rhythmic magic, with a wealth of spirited sources made wholesome. Revolution Void lives up perfectly to the name, an understanding between the notes. Fantastic album and a part of the revolution indeed. Thanks for the listen.

Almost there

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The third Revolution Void production available on jamendo still has this specific electro-jazz flavour as usual, but at the same it’s slightly different in terms of emphasis on the technical side of the recording. When I listened to The Politics of Pleasure for the first time, I thought that guys from Revolution Void wanted to prove to themselves that they can do extremely crafty performed and neatly produced album. As far as I hear they succeded. The first three pieces is a constant show of technical proficiency on a double high speed. Only Tree Tenants slows down for a minute, but it’s an exception on a LP. My favourite tunes are Time Flux – a very smooth example of how you may connect phat beats with enjoyable, almost flamenco samples, and How Exciting with sound that reminds me of the classic Deee-Lite’s hit Groove is in the Heart. The only remark I have is that the record is much less experimental compared to the previous two. I suppose my disappointment comes from my high expectations, because if it was a debut album I would pay respect to such a band. With Revolution Void however, I expect them to set new trends and not to repeat sounds that has been already recorded and are well-known (some songs on The Politics of Pleasure resemble Gotan Project, quite a manistream band nowadays). It’s two points down for that, but the record is sensational, so overall it’s nine because it’s still Revolution Void – a classy band with a classy music. Stay cool, galaktycznyzwiad.
la voix du silence

... ... ...

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24.06.2008 rendez-vous de l'excellence hypnotique et dévergondée ...

Le meilleur de Jamendo!

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Revolution Void, c'est bien le meilleur de Jamendo! impossible de décrocher quand on aime ce(s) mec(s) est(sont) fou(s) et en plus c'est partagé bravo!!!!!!!!!!